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While '40' holds the record for the most concerts finished, which show closer has been the least played?Song has been usually played in South America
Which song from 'All That You Can't Leave Behind' closed several shows in the Vertigo Tour during the Australian leg?Inspired by the relationship of Bono with his dad
During the Zoo TV, Zoo Station usually opened the set, except for one show. Which song opened this concert?The show was in Hershey (92/08/07)
Much to fans dismay, only one 'Achtung Baby' song still remains to be played live. Which song is this?Don't let the bastards grind you down
Most played B-Side?From the 1980's
Which song was usually repeated in the same setlist during the Vertigo tour?It named the tour
Dublin is obviously the most played city during U2's touring history, but what is the second most played city?'......' Calling
Only two Passengers song have made it to live shows, one is Miss Sarajevo, the second one is...Played in the American Leg of U2 360
Which non-U2 song was played right before the beginning of the shows in the PopMart tour?Can be heard in the 'Live from Mexico' DVD
The Elevation tour featured a '.....' shaped stage in which the band could walk around and be closer to fansIt was one of the symbols for the All That You Can't Leave Behind album
Two 'Zooropa' songs were played in London during the Zoo TV tour, but then dropped. Fortunately, one made it back to the U2 360 Tour. Which song is this?What do you want?
Of the 'No Line on the Horizon' songs that have been played during the U2 360 tour, which song was played more than once during a show?The song is usually played in a reworked style
Which 'October' piano song was usually played alongside 'New Years Day'?Can be seen in 'Under a Blood Red Sky' DVD
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Which song is linked with shows in Spain and is often played there?B-Side from the 1980's
True or False: Has Where the Streets Have no Name been played at every show?The answer lies in the Joshua Tree tour
Unfortunately, POP has been seldom played after the PopMart tour. Which POP song has been most played?It was played both in PopMart and Elevation tours
Which country, usually a must in every U2 tour, was skipped during the Lovetown tour?This country usually gets a whole leg for itself!
True or False: Until the End of the World was played in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame inductee ceremonyThe event took place in New York in March 2005
This 'The Joshua Tree' song, a staple in every tour, has not been played during the U2 360 tour. Which song is this?Outside it's America
Only one 'October' song was resurrected in the Vertigo Tour, which song is this?A staple until the Zoo TV tour
Which song was supposed to be played in the Live Aid show but was replaced by a 12 minute long Bad? Lead single of 'The Unforgettable Fire'
Which song usually featured a girl belly dancing on stage?From the 1990's
The Zoo TV included several songs from 'Achtung Baby' being played at the beginning of the show, one of which was played in the Elevation and Vertigo tours, but not in the PopMart One of 'Achtung Baby' 's singles
'Boy' songs rarely made it past the 90's except for I Will Follow, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear some of those songs being performed in the Vertigo Tour. Name one of these This one is easy!
What cover has U2 played the most times live?Mostly played in the Zoo TV tour

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