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Can you name the First Words for each letter in the Collins English Dictionary( no abbreviations or prefixes or S Afr?

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Aused before a noun being mentioned for the first time.
Bto talk excitedly or foolishly.
C1) taxi. 2)enclosed drivers compartment on a train, truck ect.
D1) to pat lightly. 2) to apply with short dabbing strokes. 3) small amount of something soft or moist.
EEvery (one)taken separately.
F1) story with a moral. 2) False or fictitious account. 3)Legend.
G1) to speak rapidly and indistinctly. 2) rapid, indistinct speech.
Hribbons, needles, cotton and other small articles used for sewing.
Iused by a speaker or writer to refer to himself or herself as the subject of a verb.
J1) to poke (something) sharply. 2) quick punch or poke. 3)injection.
K1) long loose eastern garment. 2) woman's dress resembling this.
Lshort for laboratory.
MStrange and horrible; gruesome.
N1) to arrest. 2) to catch (someone) in wrongdoing.
Ostupid or clumsy person.
PMaori village or settlement.
Q1) (of a duck) to make the loud harsh sound that ducks make. 2) sound made by a duck. 3) unqualified person who claims medical knowledge.
RJewish spiritual leader.
Sday for worship and rest in some religions: Saturday for Jews, Sunday for Christians.
Tsmall flap or projecting label.
UBeing or seeming to be everywhere at once.
V1) unfilled job. 2) unoccupied room in a guest house.
Weccentric or funny.
X1) indicating an error, a choice or a kiss. 2) indicating an unknown, unspecified or variable factor,number, person or thing.
Ysmall edible Australian crayfish
Z1) belonging or related to Zambia. 2) someone from Zambia.

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