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Forced Order
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Picture 21 was by?LOTS of halos
Picture 16 was made by
How did Suger achieve his goals?
Gothic architecture used what to help height?
Identify Picture 1West Facade
Picture 13
Identify Picture 9Flambuoyant Gothic
Picture 17 is an example of a
Abbott Suger remodeled the church of Saint Denis to emphasize?'Lux nova'
Picture 8/ striated marble = what kind of Gothic?
Gothic painting was?
Picture 12England, wimpy kid
Picture 18 is a calendar page from the
What's happening in Picture 22?
Identify Picture 375% stained glass, in France
Identify Picture 4Flambuoyant Gothic, in France
Identify Picture 5
Picture 23?
Picture 14
Picture 24 and 25 were by?Herald of Renessaince Painting
Picture 6 is an example of what?
Picture 20 was by?Orderly, gold
Identify Picture 2Different towers, holds Tunic of Mary
Picture 15 was made by
Byzantine influence on Italian paintings such as Picture 19?St. Francis gave up worldly goods
Picture 10 shows a recessed portal/tympanum/jambs fromwith 'Christ In Majesty'
What kind of gothic is Picture 7?
Picture 11?

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