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Sippin' sizzurp in my ride, like Three 6;Now I'm feeling so fly like a G6
I see no changes, wake up in the morning and I ask myselfis life worth living should I blast myself?
They be like, 'Smooth'? 'What'?Can you teach me how to dougie?
I keep on Runnin', Keep on Runnin', and nothing helpsI can't get away from you
she smokes a pack a daywait thats me but anyway
I said if you got you two dollars then come through to my partyBut get bent before you come cause for that liqour I'll be charging
I just wanna get your attentionI really wanna be all up in your head
I think you need to close your mouthcause you aint gonna tie me down
Early in the morning, rise up to the street,light me up that cigarette and I'll strap shoes on my feet
I just wanna be alone tonight, I just wanna take a little breathercause lately all we do is fight and everytime it cuts me deeper
Don't know what they hate, for I'm Just gettin my paper Well maybe they'll love me more when I'm gone I don't wanna leave but I need to it's such a shameThey gone miss this plane
For you I'd write a symphonyI'll tell them violins its time to sink or swim

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