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Kinfe in Shop window
Self Service Shop
ITT - Wild birds
Was an offer due to wording
May be prepared to sell
Detailed enough to be offer
Counter offer kills original offer
Inquiry for more information
Battle of the forms
Acceptance by conduct
Cant accept by silence
Post accepted from moment posted
Doesnt matter if letter no recieved
No less advantageous
Telex Machine
Message on awnser machine
ITT - mere puff
ITT - family
ITT - family
Definition of consideration
no link between payment and promise
sweet wrappers
beyond statutory duty
existing public duty
no consideration on ship
disbenefit from stopping work
accepting less for same not enforceable
practical benefit of having less but still not enforceable
followed foakes v beer
strict legel rights stopped - estoppel
empty flats for war
shield not sword
more important the representation the more likely its a term
in a better position
incorportation by signature
red hand rule
onious clause
reasonable car
must be necessary to imply term
implied term
exclusion clause
specialist knowledge
silence cant be misrep
misrep by conduct
relied on own information

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