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Can you name the Posters In Dan Hamilton's Room?

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Bit of help for strugglers Band Poster
Lead singer is black and british
'My dirty little secret'
I have a snugie too
they like Phys-ed
unpopular band
check yes
has a state in the band name and a lion has one
this poster was in 'The Middle' of one wall
they have insanely long song titles
there is a duel in this band name
unpopular band
not the smothers, blues, mario, or the wright's
unpopular band
unpopular band
'Stop take some time to think'
you and your best friend probably had one of these
'our lips can touch, and our cheeks can brush'
throw water on alex
the night feels their songs
this one is cleverly above the light switch
I cant hear you
the poster is pink, and no one had ever heard of this band
unpopular band
'pictures of you'
'it was an honest mistake'
Bit of help for strugglers Band Poster
when dudes aren't gay
title isn't in english I don't think
So long, _______________
'Take me out'
group of cartoon monkeys
unpopular band
Fangs Up!
'hollywood hills and suburban thrills'
'Mexico and California'
'do you feel like a man?'
'dance dance'
female lead singer
one of my favorites 'tell me that your alright'
'the boys of summer'
not certain streets
'swing life away'
unpopular band
they've 'got birds in their ears and a devil on their shoulders'
what state is the most northern?
unpopular band
'too stoned, nintendo'
they have a Oasis cover
Their boyfriend looked like a girlfriend from February of last year
month in the summer (unpopular band)
later formed I Can Make A Mess Like Nobodys Business
not cd's but not 8 tracks (unpopular band)

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