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The iconic theme song is performed byA
Tony's legitimate businessB
The title of Christopher's filmC
Tony's pool petsD
Actress that portrays Tony's wife, CarmelaE
Pony-tailed tough guyF
Livia's 'retirement community'G
Jewish associate of the Soprano crewH
Tony's Russian, alcoholic goomah during seasons 1 &2I
Ralph's son who was struck by an arrowJ
Chris & Paulie eat this in an abandoned van in 'Pine Barrens'K
Actor David Chase first considered for the role of TonyL
Tony's side-piece, Gloria, sales this brand of automobileM
Artie's restaurant N
Tony murders this guy to become a 'made man'O
The drug Tony takes in Las VegasP
Livia's sister/Mother of Steve Buscemi's characterQ
David Chase was previously best known for his work on this TV showR
The name of Tony's fishing boatS
Steve Buscemi portrays this character in the seriesT
Ralph brutally murders stripper, Tracee in this episodeU
Russian Paulie and Christopher take to bury in the Pine BarrensV
Paulie's nicknameW
Meadow takes this from her suicidal college roommate at ColumbiaX
Phil's goomah, murdered alongside her fatherY
Tony and Gloria go all the way at this public placeZ

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