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QUIZ: Can you name the these epicly annoying raid wiping mechanics.?

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BossAbilityWhat leads to it?
HakkarWhy is there no poison cloud? f$@% hunters.
Nefarian (the first time)No Leatherworkers or skinners.
C-thunDon't chain that... GAH damnit!!!
Lich KingOk who is standing in the black crap?
SindragosaSkull get out of raid!!
GunshipThe only thing that can wipe you on this fight
GruulHow hard is it to walk away from your healers?
Onyxia Who gat tail swiped into the the F#$% eggs
Nefarian Plus OnyDps on Onyxia was terrible.
Lord JaraxxusHealers getting tunnel vision.

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