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Die-hard fans only! All answers can be obtained by watching the show (i.e. No outpace references, interviews etc)

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Which character has flyers for his/her stand-up comedy around the office?
ISIS is the International Secret Intelligence Service. What does ODIN stand for?
What color is Malory's vibrator?
According to Krieger, there are two ways to control a person's heart. One is LSD. What is the other?
What last name did Cheryl/Carol use before revealing she was a Tunt?
What famous drummer did Malory name as a potential father for Archer?
In Archer's flashback in 'Once Bitten,' what gift did his 'real father' give him?
In which episode did Archer first day 'phrasing'
What is the serial number of the bomb in 'skytanic,' including the two letters after the dash?
What is the wee baby Seamus' full name?

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