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Using the clues, can you name each person/place/thing that fits into the category given, descending from 10 answers to just 1? (*Spoilers up to the end of Season 5*)

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Top 10 dead characters appearing in most episodes
Episodes: 41 
Episodes: 27 
Episodes: 27 
Episodes: 26 
Episodes: 25 
Episodes: 25 
Episodes: 24 
Episodes: 22 
Episodes: 21 
Episodes: 20 
Slightly lesser-known sigils
A golden rose 
A flayed man 
A silver trout 
Three dogs on a yellow background 
A spear through a red sun 
A black bear 
A white falcon and crescent moon 
A black mockingbird 
Twin towers with a connecting bridge 
On-screen weddings (Name husband & wife)
Location: Pentos 
Location: Woods in the Westerlands 
Location: Great Sept of Baelor 
Location: The Twins 
Location: Great Sept of Baelor 
Location: The Eyrie 
Location: Great Sept of Baelor 
Location: The Godswood at Winterfell 
Characters killed by beheading
S1 E01 (White Walker) 
S1 E01 (Ned Stark) 
S1 E09 (Ser Ilyn Payne) 
S2 E06 (Theon Greyjoy) 
S3 E05 (Robb Stark) 
S5 E02 (Daario Naharis) 
S5 E03 (Jon Snow) 
One word episode titles
S1 E9. (B _ _ _ _ _) 
S2 E9. (B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) 
S3 E10. (M _ _ _ _) 
S4 E4. (O _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) 
S4 E7. (M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) 
S5 E8. (H _ _ _ _ _ _ _) 
Stark Direwolves
Owner: Robb 
Owner: Sansa 
Owner: Bran 
Owner: Arya 
Owner: Rickon 
Valyrian steel swords
Owner: Ned Stark 
Owner(s): Jeor Mormont/Jon Snow 
Owner: Joffrey Baratheon 
Owner(s): Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth 
Trial by combat losers
Defeated by: Bronn 
Defeated by: Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane 
Defeated by: Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane 
Game of Thrones TV show creators
Words Hodor can say

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