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Can you name these 100 comedies of the '80s when given a star and year of release?

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StarringFilm TitleYear
Dolly Parton1980
Julie Hagerty1980
John Belushi1980
Chevy Chase1980
Robin Williams1980
Goldie Hawn1980
Dudley Moore1981
Ringo Starr1981
Mel Brooks1981
John Belushi1981
Dan Monahan1981
Harold Ramis1981
Mickey Rourke1982
Sean Penn1982
Henry Winkler1982
Jackie Gleason1982
Julie Andrews1982
Dustin Hoffman1982
Scott Baio1982
Peter Billingsley1983
Rob Lowe1983
Eddie Murphy1983
John Cleese1983
Beverly D'Angelo1983
Phoebe Cates1983
Dan Aykroyd1983
Deborah Foreman1983
Tawny Kitaen1984
Bill Murray1984
Steve Guttenberg1984
Anthony Edwards1984
Molly Ringwald1984
Tom Hanks1984
StarringFilm TitleYear
Michael McKean1984
Michael J. Fox1985
Richard Pryor1985
Paul Reubens1985
Michael J. Fox1985
John Cusack1985
Judd Nelson1985
Chevy Chase1985
Chevy Chase1985
Val Kilmer1985
Betsy Russell1985
Anthony Michael Hall1985
Rodney Dangerfield1986
Paul Hogan1986
Matthew Broderick1986
Meryl Streep1986
Whoopi Goldberg1986
Rick Moranis1986
Corey Haim1986
Shelley Long1986
Bette Midler1986
Martin Short1986
Goldie Hawn1986
Tom Selleck (and a ghost)1987
Elizabeth Shue1987
Albert Brooks1987
Patrick Dempsey1987
Eddie Murphy1987
Robin Williams1987
John Lithgow1987
Kim Cattrall1987
Kurt Russell1987
John Candy1987
StarringFilm TitleYear
Robin Wright1987
Nicolas Cage1987
Steve Martin1987
Bill Pullman1987
Anne Ramsey1987
Michael Keaton1988
Tom Hanks1988
Paul Reubens1988
Kevin Costner1988
Eddie Murphy1988
Michael Caine1988
Jim Carrey1988
Jamie Lee Curtis1988
Dan Aykroyd1988
Ricki Lake1988
Winona Ryder1988
Corey Feldman1988
Leslie Nielsen1988
Arnold Schwarzenegger1988
Melanie Griffith1988
Keanu Reeves1989
Spike Lee1989
Harold Ramis1989
Rick Moranis1989
John Travolta1989
Charlie Sheen1989
Randy Quaid1989
John Cusack1989
Beasley the Dog1989
John Candy1989
Jonathan Silverman1989
Meg Ryan1989

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