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Can you match character from A Song of Ice and Fire to their untimely death?

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Executed by Eddard Stark at Cersei's Request
Head posthumously sewn onto Robb Stark's Body
Filled with quarrels and pushed into the sea
Had his face melted by Rhaegal
Quarrel to the bowels
Pushed out the moon door
Head crushed in by a morning-star wielding fool
Crowned with molten gold
Poisoned slowly by his wife
Pushed off a wall by Jaqen H'ghar
Head famously smashed to pieces by Gregor Clegane
Murdered at her brothers's wedding
Smashed by Robert Baratheon upon the trident
Impaled by a Shade
Died in the wreck of the Windproud
Gored by wild boar
Killed by Bronn the sellsword after his horse is impaled
Thrown mysteriously from a Sky Cell
Drank wine poisoned with amethysts
Also killed by Bronn, while pinned beneath a statue
Stabbed through the heart by a Bolton

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