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Can you name the film in which the following family members have collaborated (acting/directing/writing)?

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Family membersFilmYear
Keenen Ivory Wayans (director), Shawn Wayans (acting, writing) & Marlon Wayans (acting, writing)2000
Donald Sutherland (acting) & Kiefer Sutherland (acting)1996
Angelina Jolie (acting) & Jon Voight (acting)2001
Ben Affleck (directing) & Casey Affleck (acting)2007
Andy Wachowski (directing, writing) & Lana Wachowski (directing, writing)1999
Henry Fonda (acting) & Jane Fonda (acting)1981
Jamie Lee Curtis (acting) & Janet Leigh (acting)1998
Will Smit (acting) & Jaden Smith (acting)2006
Jake Gyllenhaal (acting) & Maggie Gyllenhaal (acting)2001
Julia Roberts (acting) & Emma Roberts (acting)2010
Kirk Douglas (acting) & Michael Douglas (acting)2003
Bobby Farrelly (directing) & Peter Farrelly (directing)1998
Luke Wilson (acting) & Owen Wilson (acting, writing)2001
Family membersFilmYear
Francis Ford Coppola (directing) & Sofia Coppola (acting)1990
Ben Stiller (directing, acting) & Jerry Stiller (acting)2001
Joel Coen (directing, writing) & Ethan Coen (directing, writing)2007
Sofia Coppola (directing, writing) & Jason Schwartzman (acting)2006
John Huston (directing) & Anjelica Huston (acting)1987
Tom Hanks (acting) & Colin Hanks (acting)2008
Gwyneth Paltrow (acting) & Bruce Paltrow (directing)2000
Billy Ray Cyrus (acting) & Miley Cyrus (acting)2009
Martha Fiennes (directing) & Ralph Fiennes (acting)1999
Christopher Nolan (directing, writing) & Jonathan Nolan (writing)2008
John Cusack (acting) & Joan Cusack (acting)1997
Clint Eastwood (directing) & Alison Eastwood (acting)1997

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