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Master of the chosen one and killer of Darth Maul 
Jedi grand master of the jedi order 
The chosen one 
Jedi with a purple lightsaber 
Son of the chosen one, adopted by the Owen and Beru Lars 
Jedi with an enlarged brain and second heart 
Former master of the chosen one, killed by Darth Maul 
Green Jedi with lots of tentacles on his head 
An Iktotchi jedi master with 2 downward facing horns 
Horned Jedi with a blue lightsaber killed by Darth Sidious 
Togruta jedi that fought in the battle of Geonosis 
Black robed jedi with green skin and facial tattoos 
Tholothian jedi general in charge of and killed by commander Neyo 
Tholothian jedi who fell in the clone wars at the hands of Savage Opress 
Blue jedi knight with 2 head tails 
Jedi knight master of the next question 
Teenage jedi with a lightsaber that doubles up as a blaster 
Zabrak jedi master tortured and killed by Grievous 
Small jedi master that had very long ears and was killed by a savage beast 
Padawan of the chosen one 
Kanan Jarrus 
Eeth Koth 
Anakin Skywalker 
Ezra Bridger 
Kit Fisto 
Ahsoka Tano 
Saesee Tiin 
Qui-Gon Jinn 
Agen Kolar 
Shaak Ti 
Stass Allie 
Obi-Wan Kenobi 
Luke Skywalker 
Adi Gallia 
Aayla Secura 
Even Piell 
Luminara Unduli 
Mace Windu 
Jedi Code
Master of Skywalker and former chancellor 
Anakin Skywalker turned evil 
Count of Serenno 
Dathomirian sith with a double lightsaber 
Powerful sith capable of stopping death 
Creater of the rule of two 
Female dark jedi that was an apprentice of the count of Serenno 
Another apprentice of the count of Serenno 

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