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Can you name the Species of the Dragons of Berk?

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Mysterious strike class dragon. Toothless' species.
Strike class. On the berserker emblem.
Spine shooting tracker class. Stormfly's species.
Tracker class that is the bloodhound of dragons. Skullcrusher's species.
Enormous four-winged sharp class dragon. Cloudjumper's species.
Extremely fast paralysing dragon of the sharp class.
Razor-sharp winged dragon which can chop down trees. Sharp class.
Heather's metallic coloured dragon that has a battle-axe like tail. Sharp class.
Huge shockwave creating dragon of the boulder class.
A gronkle like dragon. Grump's species.
Boulder class dragon. Fishleg's dragon Meatlug's species.
A boulder class dragon. Stronger cousin of the Whispering Death.
Burrowing boulder class dragon that can hold a grudge like no other.
The alpha of the dragon world. Firepower of 60. Tidal class dragon with two enormous tusks.
Tidal class dragon that can spray boiling water but dies when deprived of water.
Tidal class dragon that fires sonic blasts that can kill viking at close range.
Two-headed dragon. One head fires gas, the other ignites it.
Acid shooting dragon that can turn invisible.
Mystery class dragon that shoots an amber-like substance. It looks like a butterfly.
Glowing blue mystery class dragon that sprays toxic mist.
Metal stealing mystery class dragon that shoot hot air and smoke.
Metal hoarding magnetic dragon of the mystery class.
Stoker class dragon which can burst into flame.
Stoker class dragons that are hotter than the sun.
Small stoker class dragon which has the ability to flock and seem like a larger dragon.
Pure white dragon which has thermal vision; it can track its prey in the most toughest of blizzards.
Very small stoker class dragon which is highly territorial.
Enormous stoker class dragon which create spiralling flames of immense power.

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