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Was on four different teamsGreen, White, Red, Black
The newest rangerGold
Into gymnasticsPink
Was the first female in this colorBlue
The only other female in this colorBlue
First male in this color (alien rangers excluded)Yellow
Had the power of superspeed and was on a public teamYellow
The other ranger with super speedRed
Wanted to be a teacherWhite
Rasied in the jungleRed
Motto is 'Never give up'Black
Was originally training to become a pro-bowlerBlue
One of the original six warriors of AnimariaLunar Wolf
Served in the Air ForceYellow
Had super strength and time traveledYellow
Mostly the leader of Time ForcePink
Became the leader of the Silver GuardiansRed
Also a Silver Guardian and RangerQuantum Ranger
Original Red Time Force RangerRed
Had green hairGreen
Obessed with looks and carsBlue
Had a long lost brotherPink
Former fire fighterRed
Known as the 'Sky Cowboy'Green
Pro Mountain ClimberYellow
Was the missing brotherTitanium
Fell into a ditchMagna Defender
Smart one of the Lost Galaxy teamPink
Took over for the pink galaxy rangerPink
Was raised on a foreign planetYellow
Raised by a strict military familyBlue
Senior mechanic on Terra VentureGreen
His sister was their main villainRed
Had a crush on the red on her teamYellow
A stowaway on the space colonyRed
Wanted to be a singerPink
Set off the sprinklers on the first day of schoolBlue
Stays away from sugar because it makes him hyperRed
Was the first of his color and blondeCrimson
Also the first of his colorNavy
Had an evil cloneWhite
Youngest ranger everBlue
Went from Green to BlakGreen, Black
Second ranger to go from Red to BlueRed, Blue
Spirit of the ApeRed, Blue
Mighty Morphin ranger from start to finishBlue
Performed gigs at their local hangoutYellow
Went back in time for his powersGreen
Wanted to make a differenceYellow
Was arrested before becoming a rangerRed
Spirit of the BearYellow
Came from Africa after a time travel incidentYellow
Used to be a catPink
Mastodon (original)Black
Tyranosaurus (original)Red, Gold
Alien from Triforia that needed helpGold
Saber Tooth Tiger (original)Yellow
Spirit of the FrogBlack, Green
Loved buttery toastGreen
Wished to be like his fatherRed
Acted like a princessPink
Her sister was a blue rangerPink
Mentor was his birth motherRed
Red head and second male in this colorYellow
Didn't like doing workGreen
Used to be a frogSolaris Knight
Was frozenSilver
Stunt manBlue
International artifact recovery specialistBlack
Could turn into MercuryMercury
Another female geniusPink
Had no memory of his pastBlack
Used to be in the Scorpion CartelGreen
Liked to blow things up (2 people)Gold and Silver
Father leading the cityRed
Scottish mechanicBlue
Heiress to a big fortuneYellow
Ape folding zord Yellow
Loves to cookPink
Has the sealing symbol power Red
Training for the OlympicsBlue
Loves video gamesGreen
Spirit of the WolfPurple/Violet
Spirit of the RhinoWhite/Rhino Ranger
Spirit of the CheetahYellow
Spirit of the TigerRed
Spirit of the JaguarBlue
Jungle Fury Villain
RPM Villain
Operation Overdrive Villains (brothers)
Samurai Villain
Mystic Force Villain (the vampire one)
SPD Villain
Dino Thunder Villain
Ninja Storm Villain
Mighty Morphin Villain (Season 1)
Space Rangers Villain
Purple, slimy, and gross villain

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