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What did Dale stumble upon before he was killed?
When was the first episode of the walkin dead premiered in 2010?
The first episode of the third season was viewed by how many people?
What job did Glenn do before the apocalypse?
Who plays Carl Grimes?
Who plays Daryl Dixon?
How many walkers has Daryl killed?
How many walkers has Andrea killed?
How many walkers has Rick killed?
Who is Rick's daughter named after?
Out of the 17 human deaths, how many were killed by walkers?
Who plays Andrea?
Where on her body was Sophia bitten by a walker?
Who was on the phone to Rick in the prison?
What is Daryl's weapon of choice?
What clues did Rick get from his old house that his family was still alive ?
Who does Andrew Lincoln play?
What type of crossbow does Dary use?
Who does Lauren Cohen play?
What nationality is Andrew Lincoln
What is Rick's daughter called?
Who couldn't kill the same walker that killed Dale?

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