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Ooh you make me live
Gone away are the golden days
Come stop your crying
They passed me by, all of those great romances
Teenage pornstars, living for nothing now
Mary-Ann and Wanda were the best of friends
Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock
I would've given you all of my heart
No matter what you say about love
I feel unhappy, I am so sad
Hey dad look at me
Every time I think of you, i always catch my breath
Look inside, look inside your tiny mind
I just want to see you when you're all alone.
Oh where, oh where can my baby be?
Lay down, your sweet and weary head
I woke up early this mornin' around 4 a.m.
Here I stand alone with this weight upon my heart and it will not go away
I hear the train a comin
I was bruised and battered and I couldn't tell what I felt

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