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True or False: While he was a player, Pete Rose earned the record for most career hits at 4,256. True
In March of 1989, Pete Rose was accused of betting on games while he was a manager. What was the team that he managed? Cincinnati Reds
Joe Jackson one of the players in the 1919 scandal, had a nickname. What was it?Shoeless Joe Jackson
The 1919 World Series resulted in the biggest scandal in baseball history. 8 players of the Chicago White Sox team were accused of throwing the series against what team?Cincinnati Reds
In the 1980's the owners' collusion to keep players' salaries low and other abuses by the owners resulted in a strike in what year during the 1990s?1994
The 1986 Pittsburgh Trials Scandal involving multiple players involved what drug?cocaine
In 1908 The New York Giants were accused of trying to bribe an umpire in a playoff game against what team?Chicago Cubs
In 1914 this team was rumored to have thrown the World series against the Boston Braves, although never provenPhiladelphia Athletics
In 2013 the most players in baseball history, were suspended due to purchasing HGH from what company?Biogenesis of America
In 1877 Baseball saw its first major scandal. A betting scandal involving the Louisville Grays. Who was their star pitcher that was banned for life over the scandal?Jim Devlin

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