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What was the first music video played on MTV?
Who was Elizabeth Taylor's first husband?
What year was the first Cannes Film Festival held?
Who was the first woman to appear on a US postage stamp?
Who was the first African American on the US Supreme Court?
What is the world's first known writing system?
Who was the first king to carry the title King of France
In which US state was the first chocolate chip cookie served?
In which country was the first fireworks invented?
What was the first type of bird that Noah sent out from the ark, as documented in the Bible?
In what country was the world's first successful skin graft operation performed?
Who was the first CMA (Country Music Association) Entertainer of the Year?
Which country erected the first national Holocaust memorial?
What was the first science fiction movie?
What ship is credited as being built as the first passenger cruise ship?
What was the first movie based on a Pulitzer Prize winning novel?
Which US President is the first to throw the 'first pitch' on Baseball's Opening Day?
What was Ben & Jerry's first ice cream flavor available for purchase?
Who was the first winner of the title of Miss America?
In which country is the first legally protected forest geared towards conservation purpose?

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