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Can you name the clique questions- books 1-4?

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the 'massie' flavored lip gloss is also known as...
what color are claire's first keds
what is olivia's short nickname
what color is the mini-jacket that nina wears to ocd
what haircut/style does kendra have
who is alicia's fav designer
how much is the skirt massie wears to the uniform contest
L.B.R. translated is
E.W. translated is
M.I.A. translated is
O.C.D. translated is
G.L.U. translated is
C.L.A.M. translated is (this is a bonus- but i didnt know how to make it one so could somebody plz tell me!!!)
H.A.R.T(another bonus!!!)
who does claire get herfirst kiss with
what is massie's fashion obsession in book 4
what is the name of nina's sister who harasses her everyday
what do claire's 2nd pair of keds look like(what print)?
is dylan truly fat
is merri-lee marvil a jerk
what is massie's signature color
bean is a...
what is the name of the briarwoods soccer team
what color are massie's higlights
cam's older brother takes who to the strokes concert
alicia's famouse saying

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