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Can you name the Paramore 'Brick By Boring Brick' lyrics?

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Forced Order
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lyricsmissing lyrics# of words
she lives in 3
somewhere too far for us2
forgotten the3
of the world that3
it's all about the exposure the4
the angles were all wrong now she's5
keep your feet on the ground when5
well go get your shovel and we'll4
to bury the castle3
so one day he found2
coiled up on the 2
her prince finally came to save her and the5
but it was a trick and the3
well make sure to build your house4
lyricsmissing lyrics# of words
or the wolf's gonna3
keep you feet on the ground when5
well go get a shovel and5
to bury the castle3
well you built up a 3
because your 4
yeah you6
if it's not real you can't5
you can't feel4
and i won't believe it but if2
you can see it3
even in the dark and that's5
yeah go get your shovel and5
to bury the castle3

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