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Forced Order
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Who has been arrested multiple times?
Who has twin girls?
Who has twin boys?
Who gave Carly up for adoption?
Who gave Callie up for adoption?
Who was the featured on the first episode?
Whose boyfriend died while she was pregnant?
Whose son has a genetic disorder?
Who has an on-again off-again relationship with Adam?
Who gave her son up for adoption?
Who dealt with an eating disorder on her episode?
Who has gotten an abortion since their episode?
Who illegally got kicked out of school for being pregnant?
Who has an identical twin?
Who kept her pregnancy a secret from most people for 8 months?
Who is a cage fighter?
Whose son's name saw an dramatic increase in popularity after the filming of their first season episode?
Who had a daughter shortly after having her son?
Who gave Aiden up for adoption?
Who has lost custody of their child?

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