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Reason for world war 1
A policy of glorying military power and keeping a standing army always prepared at war
A military alliance between Germany and two other countries in the years preceding World War 1
In 1890 this person became emperor
A military alliance between Great Britan and two other countries in the years preceding World War 1?
Which of the following wasn't in a triple alliance with Gremany?
What Empire was on a rapid decline in the early 1900's?
In 1908 what country took over Bosnia and Herzegovina
What year did World War 1 end?
What year did World War 1 begin?
What continent did World War 1 start in?
what country gave Austria-Hungary a blank check?
Germanys plan. (named after a general
The kill ration depend on...
What is 'no mans land'?
What was a technological innovation?
Who participates in the war effort?
Men are drafted into military service is called
Factories being forced to make weapoms for war is caalled
The government controls all aspects of economics development is called
Who was the Prince of Ausrto-Hungarian?
Was photography a technological innovation
Who was Gavrillo Princip?
Did Italy join the war?
Who did Italy join with?

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