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What is Emily's Mums Name?
What is the first episode of PLL called?
Name two Girls that ended up in Radley
Who are Spoby?
Who are Haleb
What is Wilden's first name?
What did Hanna like to do in Season 1?
Who is Hanna's Best friend
Who got trapped in the shower by A?
What was Emily's Boyfriends name?
What was Emily's Hobby?
What season did Cece die?
What is Spencer's Moms name?
Who went missing in Season 1?
Who trapped Aria in a box with Garrett?
Who blinded Jenna?
Which of the liars did Emily kiss?
Which girl entered a paegent?
What is the name of Hanna's old boyfriend?
Which of the liars moms ended up in jail?
Which one of the liars is the smartest?
Who said this: 'Please Jenna can't hear us she's blind'?
Who are Ezria?
Who dated her English Teacher?
What is Aria's moms name?
Who was the first person the liars told about A?
Which boy got caught breaking into houses?
What is Spencer's sisters name?
What is Ali's moms name?
What is the name of the female cop who stalks the girls?
What did Ali call Mona?
What did Ali call Hanna?
What is the name of Hanna's Boyfriend
Where do the girls live?

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