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Can you name the countries that have islands nearer to other countries than to their own mainland?

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Example: Martinique belongs to France, but is nearer to Venezuela than to mainland France. So if the hint is "416 km from Venezuela" the answer is "France". Both countries must have some continental portion (island nations are excluded). The distance is e.g. from Martinique to mainland Venezuela (not to other Venezuelan islands). Islands may have any political status. Islands on lakes or those under disputed sovereignty are excluded. Maximum distance 400 km (249 miles).
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Distance to the other countryCountryIsland
2 km (1 mi) from Turkey
2 km (1 mi) from Albania
3 km (2 mi) from Mexico
4 km (2 mi) from Sweden
8 km (5 mi) from the Netherlands
12 km (8 mi) from Cambodia
16 km (10 mi) from Thailand
18 km (11 mi) from the United States
27 km (17 mi) from Venezuela
35 km (22 mi) from Cameroon
38 km (23 mi) from Finland
43 km (27 mi) from Estonia
Distance to the other countryCountryIsland
48 km (30 mi) from Thailand
52 km (32 mi) from Italy
56 km (35 mi) from Morocco
71 km (44 mi) from Tunisia
72 km (45 mi) from Russia
82 km (51 mi) from Italy
95 km (59 mi) from Somalia
190 km (118 mi) from Nicaragua
284 km (177 mi) from Myanmar
374 km (232 mi) from Morocco
389 km (242 mi) from Canada

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