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Can you name the selected geographic names that contain the letter Z twice?

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This city situated on the Ebro river is the fifth most populated in Spain and is the capital of the region of Aragón
This former bay of the Netherlands, whose name means 'southern sea', is now a fresh water lake known as IJsselmeer
With an elevation of 2962 meters (9718 feet), this mountain in the German Alps is the highest peak in the country
Officially it's 'Ministro Pistarini', but everybody calls the international airport of Buenos Aires by the name of this suburb, where it's located
This city, the seventh most populated in Poland, belonged to Prussia and was known in German as Stettin
The eighth most populated city in Poland also appears in this quiz (unlike in English, z is a rather common letter in Polish)
Curiously, this double-z African river separates the only two countries in the world that begin with Z (Zambia and Zimbabwe)
This region of central Italy borders the Adriatic sea and its capital is L'Aquila (as usual in Italian, both z's are together)
The highest temperature on the surface of the Earth (58 C, 136 F) was recorded in 1922 in this Libyan place
The first Z in the name of the sixth largest Ukrainian city transliterates the Cyrillic З; the second z, actually zh, transliterates the Cyrillic ж
This city is the capital of a country that was part of French Equatorial Africa. Unlike other African cities, it still keeps its colonial name
Also known as Unguja, this island is the largest of Tanzania (in fact, the z in Tanzania comes from the initial letter of this island)

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