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Can you name the selected geographic names that contain the letter B twice?

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The name of this strait that joins the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden means 'Gate of Grief' in Arabic, and in fact it has three b's
This former name of the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra was changed in 1995 to the one currently used
This Caribbean island nation has also a capital whose name begins with B. The name of the country is related to the Spanish word for 'beard'
The name of this other Caribbean island is part of the name of another country, and has also a beard-related etymology
This African country was known as Southern Rhodesia when it was a British colony
The name of this German city contains the same word repeated twice; this word is also part of the name of the state to which the city belongs
This capital of an African landlocked country has also another consonant repeated twice and a vowel repeated four times
This is also a capital of an African landlocked country, smaller than the previous one
This is also a capital of an African landlocked country (yes, there are three of them in this quiz)
This word is part of the official name (in Italian) of both Italy and San Marino
This Israeli city in the Negev desert was historically considered the southernmost part of the country (the northernmost being Dan)
This suburb of Panama City belonged to the Canal Zone and was named after the discoverer of the Pacific Ocean
Capt. James Cook landed at this Australian place (near modern Sydney) in 1770
This Ugandan city (near Kampala) became famous after a hostage-rescue operation in 1976
This Spanish city is the capital of the province of Biscay and is the most populated city of the Basque Country
The name of this German state is also that of a famous gate of Berlin
This historical region of eastern Europe had almost exactly the same territorial extension as the modern Moldova
The name of this Argentine city means 'white bay'; the first word (meaning 'bay') is also the name of a Brazilian state
This capital of an Australian state is the third most populated city in the country
This province of Belgium was divided in 1995 into a Flemish-speaking part, a French-speaking part and the city of Brussels (bilingual)

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