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Can you name the largest cities whose names begin and end with the given letters?

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If several cities have the same initial and final letters, the most populated (considering the metropolitan area) was included, e.g. for M-O Maputo (metro pop. 2,000,000) and not Montevideo (metro pop. 1,770,000).
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First and last lettersCityContinent
A - ANorth America
A - NAfrica
B - ASouth America
B - DAsia
B - ESouth America
B - GAsia
B - KAsia
B - NNorth America
B - SSouth America
C - AAfrica
C - IAsia
C - NAfrica
C - OAfrica
C - SSouth America
D - AAsia
D - IAsia
D - SNorth America
D - TNorth America
G - ANorth America
G - UAsia
First and last lettersCityContinent
H - GAsia
H - NNorth America
I - LEurope / Asia
J - AAsia
J - GAfrica
K - AAsia
K - IAsia
K - MAfrica
K - RAsia
L - ASouth America
L - EAsia
L - NEurope
L - SNorth America
M - AAsia
M - DEurope
M - EOceania
M - IAsia
M - LNorth America
M - NEurope
M - WEurope
First and last lettersCityContinent
M - YNorth America
N - AAsia
N - IAfrica
N - KNorth America
N - SEurope
O - AAsia
P - ANorth America
P - SEurope
P - XNorth America
R - HAsia
R - ESouth America
R - OSouth America
S - EAsia
S - IAsia
S - LAsia
S - OSouth America
S - YOceania
T - IAsia
T - NAsia
T - OAsia

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