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Fully sufficient; plentiful; in copious supply; -followed by in, rarely by withA
A species of silk or cotton handkerchief, having a uniformly dyed ground, usually of red or blue, with white or yellow figures of a circular, lozenge, or other simple form, head sB
One to whom secrets, especially those relating to affairs of love, are confided or intrusted; a confidential or bosom friendC
To hang loosely, or with a swinging or jerking motionD
To put to hazard; to bring into peril; to expose to loss or injuryE
A kind of soft sweetmeat made by boiling solutions to the point of crystallization, usually moldedF
Turning the head towards the spectator, but not the body; -said of a lion or other beastG
A worn-out strumpet; a vixenish woman; a hagH
The apparent resistance in an electric circuit to the flow of an alternating current, analogous to the actual electrical resistance to a direct current, being the ratio of electromI
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A country in Western Asia spanning the southern part of the Syrian Desert down to the Gulf of AqabaJ
Tincture of opium, used for various medical purposesL
Of or pertaining to the world; worldly; earthly; terrestrialM
substance in fuel: a substance in a bipropellant rocket fuel that contains oxygen to support the combustion of another substance, usually liquid oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, or nitriO
One who puts on an air of learning; one who makes a vain display of learning; a pretender to superior knowledgeP
The act of freeing; deliverance; a cleaning up or outR
A sultanS
Covered with growing plants or grass; green; fresh; flourishingV

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