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Dumbledores sisterA
Author of 'A History Of Magic'B
Hermiones catC
Guards of AzkabanD
Driver of the Knight BusE
Georges twinF
Freds twinG
Potions teacher post-SnapeH
Spell that produces fireI
Harrys sonJ
Dumrstrang headmasters last nameK
Dracos fatherL
Tom Riddles middle nameM
Tonks' first nameN
Madam Maximes first nameO
Dudleys best friendP
Lunas Fathers magazineQ
Cornelius Fudges Minister of Magic successorR
Dudleys private schoolS
Invisible horses that pull the Hogwarts carraigesT
Truth potionV
Barty Crouchs name for PercyW
Lunas Fathers first nameX
An inner circle Death EaterY

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