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Forced Order
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Whos is Eragons real father?
What is his sword that Rhunon forged for him called?
What is Horsts wife called?
Whats the name of the baby Eragon blessed?
What is murtaghs dragon called
What colour is Glaedr?
Where do the Ra Zac live?
By Dras Leona is Leona
Rhunon forges her swords using
Whats the name of the king of the werecats?
What is the name of the Dwarven clan who attempt to assasinate Eragon?
Whos the leader of the Du vrangr gata after the twins?
Nasuada orders the production of what magically to provide income for the varden?
Roran finds work in this town after Eragon finds the egg
Whats the name of Eragons mother?
What organisation of spys/assasins try to kill Nasuade?
What was the name of the 13 who betrayed the riders?
Who does Orik succeed as king of the dwarves?
What is the name of Carvahalls healer?
Whats Horsts female child called?
Nasuada, King Orrin, Eragon and which other person was discussed for potential leadership of the empire?
Whats Broms ring called?
Whats the name of Aryas dragon?
In which city is Oromis killed?
What valley is Eragon from?
Whats Angelas werecat named?
Which character finds the secret passage into Dras Leona?
What was Murtaghs trainer/horse called?
Whats the leader of the Kull/Urgals called?
What is Oriks hammer called?
Who kills Queen Islanzadi?
Uru baen was renamed what after the varden victory?

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