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QUIZ: Can you name the Asoiaf A to Z

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Barristan Selmy's AliasA
Dragon known as the 'Black Dread'B
Sam's ship from Braavos to OldtownC
Wife of Rhaegar TargaryenE
What the Wildlings call ThemselvesF
One of Robert Baratheon's BastardsG
Part of Jaime's Body cut off by Vargo HoatH
The Kings JusticeI
Jeor Mormont's sonJ
Capital of the Seven KingdomsK
Jons Valyrian Steel SwordL
Commander of the Seconds SonsM
Arya's DirewolfN
Blade Given to Brienne by JaimeO
Seat of House GreyjoyP
The New Master of WhisperersQ
Youngest of the Stark childrenR
Eldest son of Randyll TarlyS
The ImpT
One of the Free CitiesV
Continent West of EssosW
Merchant Prince of QarthX
City in Slavers BayY
Dothraki member of the Brave CompanionsZ

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