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year law/amendment expands on law
1901requires fire escapes, lights in dark hallways, a window in each room
1902provides benefits for workers injured on the job
1902allows voters to select candidates
1902funds irragation projects in the West
1902gives voters power to initiate legislation and vote on important issues
1903limits work for women in industries to 10 hours a day
1903strengthens interstate commerce act
1906authorizes interstate commerce commission to set maximum railroad rates
1906prohibits sales of adulterated or fruadulently labeled foods and drugs
year law/amendment expands on law
1906enforces sanitary conditions in meat packing plants
1910prohibits interstate transportation of women for immoral purposes
1913authorizes federal income tax
1915 regulates conditions of maritime workers
1916provides farmers with low interest loan
1916barred products produced by children from interstate commerce (
1919 prohibited sales and production of intoxicating liquors
1920gave women the right to vote

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