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In plane Crash, has Callie Torres's 'hand'
Is left at the altar by Cristina Yang, head of cardio thoracic
Stays a virgin for Jesus, loses virginity on day of the board exams.
His mother sleeps with Webber after Adele loses her memory
Miscarries after the hospital shooting
The Nazi
Doctor who is the lone survivor of a truck crash in Iraq
After boards, this doctor moves to Minnesota
Becomes an alchoholic after decades of being cheif of surgery
Meredith and Derek keep this child as a daughter after they meet her while flying kids to the hospital for the 'program'
Orphan himself, runs the africa program, Arizonas right hand man.
Orthopeadic Surgeon, Sofias mommy
Describes themself as 'a passionate breed'
Lesbian Pediatric surgeon
Surgeon who has a breif affair with Callie after her divorce with George
as a fifth year, dies after his decision to go to Iraq
Miranda Baileys son
Dies under the plane during the crash, right after Mark Sloan confesses his undying love for her.
Owen's best friend in Iraq,attending cardio thoracic surgeon at the hospital
Derek Shepards once wife, she cheated on him with Sloan
Intern who is the new born 'Shepard'
Leaves the hospital, and Seattle, when recovering from Melanoma.
Intern who has a sisterly relationship to Alex Karev, they live together in Mer's old house
While Arizona Robins is away, Stark is attending to the pediatric medical wing.
shot in the head during the hospital shooting
Is shot in the abdomen and dies in the hospital shooting
Miranda Bailey's current husband
Alex Karev's girlfriend, once patient, who is in an accident which distorts her face greatly.
Webber's deceased wife whom suffered greatly from alzheimers
Meredith and Lexies father recovering from alchoholism
Meredith's deceased mother

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