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Can you name the countires members of the Simpson family have visited?

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EuropeThe (name of country) Bob
EuropeIn the Name of the Grandfather
AfricaSimpson Safari
EuropeThe Saga of Carl
South AmericaBlame It on Lisa
AsiaThe Greatest Story Ever D'ohed
South AmericaLost Verizon
EuropeThe Crepes of Wrath, The Devil Wears Nada, Bart-Mangled Banner
AsiaBart on the Road, Goo Goo Gai Pan
AsiaHomer and Apu, Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore
North AmericaThe Bart Wants What It Wants, Midnight Rx, Boy Meets Curl
EuropeThe Regina Monologues, Monty Can't Buy Me Love
North AmericaKamp Krusty
North AmericaThe Trouble with Trillions
AsiaThirty Minutes Over Tokyo
OceaniaBart vs. (name of country)

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