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Vietnamese Ruler during WWIIInitials BD
Under-Secretary of State to JFKInitials GB
Advisor to President TrumanInitials DA
Secretary of Defence under JohnsonInitials CC
US TV JournalistInitials WC
South Vietnamese LeaderInitials NDD
Secretary of State under EisenhowerInitials JFD
President of the US (1953-61)Initials DE
Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee under JohnsonInitials WF
Johnson's Presidential OppositionInitials BG
Nationalist Leader of the NorthInitials HCM
Vice-President to JohnsonInitials HH
President of the US (1963-69)Initials LJ
President of the US (1961-63)Initials JK
Brother of JFKInitials BK/RK
Publically criticised US involvement in January 1967Initials MLK
Leader of the USSRInitials NK
National Security Advisor to NixonInitials HK
Secretary of Defence to NixonInitials ML
US Ambassador under JFK (encouraged overthrow of Diem)Initials HCL/HL
Highly anti-Communist American SenatorInitials SM/JM
Secretary of Defence under JFK and later JohnsonInitials RM
Senator under EisenhowerInitials MM
Diem's WifeInitials MN
Diem'd BrotherInitials NDN
US President (1969-74)Initials RN
US President (1933-45)Initials FR
Secretary of State to NixonInitials WR
Secretary of State to JFKInitials DR
Chairman of the JCSInitials MT
US President (1945-53)Initials HT
General of US Army and Commander of Military Operations in Vietnam 1964-68Initials WW

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