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girl who goes missing on labour day
she used to have pink streaks in her hair
had a eating disorder
she is very smart
dated a guy called ben
ran her best friend over
unknowingly kissed his half-sister melissa
put a cow brain in monas locker
accused for 'the jenna thing'
has a son called malcolm
had a one night stand with jason
is now running for state senate
completed emilys test so she would pass
was very judgemental about aria in S1
planned to blame spencer for alisons disappearence
sings a phone number
taken in from the animal shelter by mrs d
jasons biological father
cheated on his wife
works in the military
left his wife for someone else
lied about the existence of charles
officer two-face
kissed emily in a photobooth
unintentionally killed bethany young
secretly smokes
spied on and taped young teenage girls
knew alison was alive and was helping her
plagiarized her thesis
colects snowglobes
knew of veronicas breast cancer
has a history of mental illness
knew emilys secret about danby scout
prom king
hannas bitch of a half-sister
trashed alisons memorial
killed maya
engaged to ashley
tried to drown emily
had an affair with ashley to drop her shoplifting charges
was secretly eeting cryus petrillo
lieutenant _____
kissed alison
lied about having stockholm symdrone
shot and fell of a stage
aria and ezra found out he was adopted
arias martial arts instructor
helping mona and jenna take down alison
takes part in korean martial arts
hannas new love interest
arias new love interest
tobys new love interest
knew about the N.A.T club
anonymous character that sends threatening messages to the girls

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