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Who is the crazy teacher with the phrase, “Fairy godparents!”?
What does Jimmy Neutron say after he’s done thinking?
Name 2 of Timmy Turner’s friends.
Who said the line, “You forgot the pickles!”
What is the name of the blonde rich kid in The Fairly Oddparents?
From Rocket Power, what is Twister’s real name?
Who has a secret crush on Arnold from Hey Arnold!?
What does Tito from Rocket Power call each kid?
Who is the clumsy one in Hey Arnold?
What do Pinky and the Brain want to do today?
What is the name of the green dinosaur in the Rugrats?
In the episode of Band Geeks in SpongeBob, what instrument did Mrs. Puff play before had the cymbals?
What part of his body couldn’t Patrick see that made him mad?
What number was on Gerald’s shirt from Hey Arnold?

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