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Can you name the blanks in the obscure Mulan quotes?

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QuoteWord(s)Person who said it
They popped out of the snow... ______!Mushu (2 words)
You missed! How could you miss, ______!Mushu (8 words)
This represents ______. And this represents ______.Shang (1 word, 1 word)
I am the _______, the ______, the indestructible Mushu!Mushu (1 word, 1 word)
You men owe me a ______!Chi fu (4 words)
We're in a war, man! There's no time ______!Mushu (3 words)
How lucky can they be, ______.Grandmother Fa (2 words)
Who spit in her ______?Grandmother Fa (2 words)
To please your future in-laws, you must ______.Matchmaker (5 words)
And what are you, a ______?Mushu (1 word)
QuoteWord(s)Person who said it
I never want to see a ______. Mulan (3 words)
These boys are no more _______ than you are ______.Chi fu (4 words, 3 words)
I'll hold him, and ______!Mulan (2 words)
Ping, you are the ______ I've ever met.Shang (2 words
That was a deliberate ______!Chi fu (4 words)
The flower that blooms in ______ is the ______ and most beautiful of all.Emperor (1 word, 1 word)
The greatest gift in honor is ______.Fa Zu (5 words)
No, your great granddaughter had to be a ______!Ancestor (2 words)
The point is, we will be sending a ______ to retrieve Mulan.Great Ancestor (2 words)
But I don't have to ______ nobody to ______.Mushu (1 word, 3 words)

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