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Stephen Furstalso eventually becomes an emperor
Richard Biggsspecialist in xenobiology
Andreas Katsulasends up losing an eye
Claudia Christiancranky russian
Ed Wasserasks all of the ambassadors 'what do you want?'
Jerry Doyleloves daffy duck
Bruce Boxleitnerthe one who will be
Michael O'Harethe one who was
Peter Jurasik eventually becomes an emperor
Bill Mumysecretely in love with the minbari ambassador
Mira Furlan the one who is
Jeff Conawayeventually promoted to chief of security
Walter Koenig when departing would say 'be seeing you', a reference to 'the prisoner' tv series
Jason Carterthis ranger sacrificed his life to save the woman he loved
Patricia Tallman becomes aide to the vorlon ambassador and gets gills

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