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I wanted this to be professional. Efficient, adult, cooperative, not a lot to ask.
I'm feeling a little, ooh, anxious if you know what I mean. It's been about six hundred years after all.
If the syrup is on the table after the pancakes, then it will definitely be too late.
Absolutely, under no condition whatsoever, is anyone in this family to fall in love with that baby!
Roger, darling. I want you to know I love you. I've loved you more than any woman's ever loved a rabbit.
I wish I were big.
Just tell me you didn't love me when you thought I was a goat herder, and I will never bother you ever again.
Like most intellectuals, he's intensely stupid.
Help me, Veronica! The afterlife is so boring! If I have to sing Kum-bye-ya one more time...
No corpse stinks that much after only 12 hours. Take my word for it. Yes, I am a doctor.
God loves me. I know he loves me. I want him to stop! I make crosses so he'll hate me so he'll find another! I want to crucify every one of his messiahs.
Reap the whirlwind, Brady. Reap it.
To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people. I've known sheep that could outwit you. I've worn dresses with higher IQs!
Nice beaver!
Listen again...”A person is guilty of criminal solicitation if he commands, induces, entreats or otherwise persuades another person to commit a felony-'
Beer is for breakfast, 'round here, drink or be gone.
His real name is Charles Lee Ray and he's been sent down from Heaven by daddy to play with me.
My name is Julius and I am your twin brother.
My name is not Flathead. My name is Littlefoot.
Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn't make me Madonna. Never will.
Your shower shoes have fungus on them. You'll never make it to the bigs with fungus on your shower shoes. Think classy, you'll be classy.
Freddy, as a younger man, I was a sculptor, a painter, and a musician. There was just one problem: I wasn't very good. As a matter of fact, I was dreadful.
Tough guys don't do math. Tough guys fry chicken for a living.
I'm gonna slingin' pizza for the rest of my life
Tracy Turnblad is a human roach nest.
I was jealous. I was so jealous of you I couldn't see straight! You did everything you said you were going to do, everything! And your talent, this incredible talent! I can't even
Why do Chet's kids look at him like he's Zeus and my kids look at me like I'm a rack of lawn tools at Sears?
Consider this a lesson in street savoir faire from New York's coolest quadruped. Check ya later!
And in the end, I realized that I took more than I gave, I was trusted more than I trusted, and I was loved more than I loved
We're gonna need champagne for 250 people, and send the stuff that you send to me. Don't send the stuff that I send to other people.

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