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You're not dying, you just can't think of anything good to do.
You're going out there to destroy them, right? Not to study. Not to bring back. But to wipe them out.
I'm going to need a beer to put these flames out. Yo! Great Mav, real slick.
You guys wanna go see a dead body?
All you got to do is make it out of here. It's all gravy, everyday the rest of your life, gravy.
Drinking and driving don't mix, that's why I ride a bike.
Sarah, go back to your room. Play with your toys and your costumes. Forget about the baby.
You win one more game, you're gonna be humping your fist for a long time. Got that, Vincent?
No wonder you have so many accidents around here, the steering wheels on the wrong side of the car!
Like I told my last wife, I said 'Honey, I never drive faster than I can see. Besides, it's all in the reflexes.'
Every time I see you, you're buying a chicken.
That's it, no more Mr. Nice Duck.
Wait for me, Audrey. This is between me and the vegetable!
First we crack the shell, then we crack the nuts inside.
If I asked you to kill me, would you?
Bring us a pitcher of beer every seven minutes until somebody passes out. And then bring one every ten minutes.
Maybe we have created another Frankfurter's monster.
You never mentioned any boats! I hate boats! I'm not getting on any boat!
You're in a lot of trouble, mister!
Fievel, this is the last time I take you to America.
Don't you just love songs about extra-terrestrial life?
I know, Feck. Women are evil, you had to kill her.
Just stay away from Jimmy. I don't want him coaching in Hickory when he's fifty.
Mom... have I really been gone eight years?
Hey, go hump your Saint Bernard, scum-nuts.
Here lies Walter Fielding. He bought a house, and it killed him.
Well, what's the point of being a teenager if you can't dress weird?
Pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold, pease porridge in the pot nine days old.
Sex was always something I could do as well as hearing girls. Better.
Interesting broad. Where'd she develop her personality? A car crash?

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