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for a brief moment in the simpsons christmas episode, you can see the hall in the house is what?
one of the doors in the simpson household is very unusual, what is it known as?
what is the store to the right of android's dungeon called?
when bart was a baby he was in an ad, what was his character called?
at the end of marge vs the monorail, there are three unusual structures mentioned, name one of them
when a rival comic book store opens, comic book guy attempts to fight 3 writers but they push him onto a pile of what?
what does marge say she should stop comparing herself to? (in the same episode as the previous question)
when bart has to make a model of the digestive system nelson blows it up, just before that you can see milhouse's project is a puppet what?
in behind the laughter homer makes a show called 'my funny family' what was his catchphrase in it?
according to lisa, what is marge's wedding ring made of?

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