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1949-1951William Boyd
1949-1957Clayton Moore
1950Russell Hayden
1950-1954Gabby Hayes
1950-1956Gene Autry
1950-1956Duncan Renaldo
1951 Pilot onlyJim Bannon
1951-1953Jock Mahoney
1951-1955Bill Williams
1951-1957Roy Rogers
1951-1958Guy Madison
1951-1959Kirby Grant
1952-1953Russell Hayden
1952-1970Stanley Andrews
1953Lash La Rue
1953-1954Barry Cassell
1954-1955 Wonderful World of ColorFess Parker
1954-1955Jim Davis
1954-1957Gail Davis
1954-1959Lee Aaker
1955-1956Douglas Kennedy
1955-1956Dickie Jones
1955-1956Keith Larsen
1955-1956Edgar Buchanan
1955-1956Walter Coy (narrator)
1955-1957Tim Considine
1955-1958Willard Parker
1955-1958John Bromfueld
1955-1958Dick Simmons
1955-1960Peter Graves
1955-1961Hugh O'Brian
1955-1963Clint Walker
1955-1975James Arness
1956 Pilot onlyRocky Lane
1956-1957Johnny Washbrook
1956-1958Scott Forbes
1956-1958Michael Ansara
1956-1958Micky Dolenz (Braddock)
1956-1959Rod Cameron
1956-1960John Bromfield
1956-1961Dick Powell
1957John Hart
1957-1958Tod Andrews
1957-1958Alan Hale Jr
1957-1958Pat Conway
1957-1958John M.Pickard
1957-1959John Payne
1957-1959Richard Coogan
1957-1959Rex Reason
1957-1959Guy Williams
1957-1959Tristram Coffin
1957-1959Robert Culp
1957-1960Wayde Preston
1957-1961Will Hutchins
1957-1962Dale Robertson
1957-1962James Garner
1957-1963Richard Boone
1957-1965Ward Bond
1958-1959Rex Allen
1958-1959George Montgomery
1958-1959Jeff Richards
1958-1959Keith Larsen
1958-1959Richard Carlson
1958-1959Kent Taylor
1958-1959Jeff Morrow
1958-1959Jock Mahoney
1958-1959Tom Nolan
1958-1960 Wonderful World of ColorRobert Loggia
1958-1960Rory Calhoun
1958-1961 Wonderful World of DisneyTom Tryon
1958-1961Gene Barry
1958-1961Steve McQueen
1958-1961Lew Ayres
1958-1962Ty Hardin
1958-1962John Russell
1958-1963Chuck Connors
1959-1960Earl Holliman
1959-1960Michael Ansara
1959-1960Robert Rockwell
1959-1960Joel McCrea
1959-1960Don Durant
1959-1960Roger Moore
1959-1960Peter Breck
1959-1960Grant Sullivan
1959-1961 Wonderful World of ColorLeslie Nielson
1959-1961Darren McGavin
1959-1961Henry Fonda
1959-1961Scott Brady
1959-1961Nick Adams
1959-1963John Smith
1959-1966Clint Eastwood
1959-1973Lorne Greene
1960David McLean
1960Doug McClure
1960Jason Evers
1960Brian Keith
1960-1961Charles Bateman
1960-1961Ralph Taeger
1960-1961Wayne Rogers
1960-1962Barton MacLane
1960-1962Clu Gulager
1961Darryl Hickman
1961Tony Young
1961Audie Murphy
1961Peter Graves
1961-1962Chill Wills
1962Roy Rogers
1962-1963Richard Egan
1962-1963Earl Holliman
1962-1963Jack Lord
1962-1971James Drury
1963Jack Elam
1963Richard Egan
1963-1964Jeffrey Hunter
1963-1964Kurt Russell
1964John Gavin
1964-1970Fess Parker
1965-1966Robert Horton
1965-1966Christopher Jones
1965-1966Lloyd Bridges
1965-1966Chuck Connors
1965-1967Peter Brown
1965-1967Forrest Tucker
1965-1969Barbara Stanwyck
1965-1969Robert Conrad
1966David Carradine
1966-1967Michael Anderson Jr
1966-1967Ann Sheridan
1966-1967Andrew Prine
1966-1967Ron Hayes
1966-1968Dale Robertson
1967Wayne Maunder
1967John Mills
1967Ralph Taeger
1967Tim Conway
1967-1968Stuart Whitman
1967-1968Chuck Connors
1967-1969Dack Rambo
1967-1971Leif Erickson
1968-1969Don Murray
1968-1970James Stacy
1968-1970David Soul
1971-1972James Garner
1971-1973Ben Murphy
1972-1974Richard Boone
1972-1975David Carradine
1973-1974Bob Denver
1974Jim Davis
1974Jeanette Nolan
1974-1983Michael Landon
1975-1976William Shatner
1976Kurt Russell
1976-1977Rod Taylor
1976-1979James Arness
1977-1978Dan Haggerty
1977Rick Moses
1978Linda Purl
1979-1980Charles Frank
1979-1980Robert Preston
1979-1980Derrick Jones
1981-1982Joel Higgins
1981-1982James Garner
1981-1983Merlin Olsen
1983Henry Darrow
1983Bridgette Anderson
1985William Smith
1986-1987Rod Taylor
1988-1991Lee Horsley
1989-1991Richard Comar
1989-1992Josh Brolin
1990-1993Duncan Regehr
1993-1994Bruce Campbell
1993-1994Beau Bridges
1993-1998Jane Seymour
1994-1995Lee Horsley
1994-1995Scott Bairstow
1995-1996Scott Bairstow
1995-1996Richard Dean Anderson
1996Robert Urich
1997-1999Kris Kristofferson (narrator)
1998-1999Brett Cullen
1998-2000Michael Biehn
2000-2001Tessie Santiago
2001-2002Daniel Hugh Kelly
2002-2003Nathan Fillion
2004-2006Timothy Olyphant
2011-currentAnson Mount

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