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QUIZ: Can you name the movies Marlon Brando turned down given the role he would have played?

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Role/YearMovieActor that got it
Will Kane 1952Gary Cooper
Lester Blaine 1952Jack Palance
Norman Maine 1954James Mason
Franz Mahler 1954Farley Granger
Sinuhe 1954Edmond Purdom
Jim Stark 1955James Dean
Frankie Machine 1955Frank Sinatra
Jud Fry 1955Rod Steiger
Lt. Douglas A. Roberts 1955Henry Fonda
King Mongkut 1956Yul Brynner
Burt Hanson 1956Cliff Robertson
Genghis Khan 1956John Wayne
John 'Joker' Jackson 1958Tony Curtis
Pacer Burton 1960Elvis Presley
Prof. Humbert Humbert 1962James Mason
T.E Lawrence 1962Peter O'Toole
Marc Antony 1963Richard Burton
Mark Rutland 1964Sean Connery
Victor Komarovsky 1965Rod Steiger
Role/YearMovieActor that got it
Mr. Robinson 1967Murray Hamilton
Eddie Anderson 1969Kirk Douglas
Chas 1970James Fox
Lewis Medlock 1972Burt Reynolds
Joseph Dobbs 1972Robert Preston
Father Merrin 1973Max Von Sydow
Jay Gatsby 1974Robert Redford
Harry Caul 1974Gene Hackman
R.P. McMurphy 1975Jack Nicholson
John Norman Howard 1976Kris Kristofferson
Martin Dysart 1977Richard Burton
Richard Boyle 1986James Woods
Louis Cyphre 1987Robert De Niro
Vulcan 1988Oliver Reed
Jim Garrison/Mr. X 1991Kevin Costner/Donald Sutherland
Penguin 1992Danny DeVito
William Randolph Hearst 1999James Cromwell
Father McFeely 2001James Woods

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