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Can you name the movies Paul Newman turned down given the role he would have played?

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Role/YearMovieActor that got it
Aron Trask 1955Richard Davalos
Curly 1955Gordon MacRae
Alan Benson 1956Cliff Robertson
Marcello Rubini 1960Marcello Mastroianni
Jerry Ryan 1962Robert Mitchum
Mark Rutland 1964Sean Connery
Corporal King 1965George Segal
Montag 1966Oskar Werner
Jake Holman 1966Steve McQueen
Mark Wallace 1967Albert Finney
Title Role 1971Clint Eastwood
Tom Hagen 1972Robert Duvall
James Bond 1973Roger Moore
Father Karras 1973Jason Miller
Moses Pray 1973Ryan O'Neal
Jonathan Hemlock 1975Clint Eastwood
Role/YearMovieActor that got it
Title Role 1978Christopher Reeve
Joe Gideon 1979Roy Scheider
Garrett Breedlove 1983Jack Nicholson
Jack Coltan 1984Michael Douglas
Francis Phelan 1987Jack Nicholson
Marshal Zane 1994James Garner
Bernie White 1994Robert Duvall
Woody (V) 1995Tom Hanks
Jack Conner 1996Ryan O'Neal
Lucien Wilbanks 1996Donald Sutherland
Max Cherry 1997Robert Foster
Grandpa Joe 2005David Kelly
Eli Zeal 1999Burt Reynolds
President Jackson Evans 2000Jeff Bridges
Graham Hass 2002Mel Gibson
Garth 2003Michael Caine

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