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Can you name the movies Jeff Bridges turned down given the role he would have played?

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Role/YearMovieActor that got it
Oliver/1970Ryan O'Neal
Hooper/1975Richard Dreyfuss
Travis Bickle/1976Robert De Niro
Title Role/1978Christopher Reeve
Steve Burnes/1980Al Pacino
Indiana Jones/1981Harrison Ford
Zack Mayo/1982Richard Gere
Bobby Grady/1984John Laughlin
Josh/1988Tom Hanks
McKussic/1988Mel Gibson
Title Role/1989Micheal Keaton
Edward Lewis/1990Richard Gere
Role/YearMovieActor that got it
Douglas Quaid / Hauser/1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger
Title Role/1992Robert Downey Jr.
Ernest Menville/1992Bruce Willis
John Bubber/1992Andy Garcia
Mitch McDeere/1993Tom Cruise
Colin Mackey/1993Gabriel Byrne
Andy Dufresne/1994Tim Robbins
Jack Traven/1994Keanu Reeves
Jerry Lowell/1994Liam Neeson
James Cole/1995Bruce Willis
Shaw/1995Matthew Modine
Title Role/2004Liam Neeson

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