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Can you name the movies Sylvester Stallone turned down given the role he would have played?

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Role/YearMovieActor that got it
Roger/1976R.A. Dow
Han/1977Harrison Ford
Lead Role/1978Christopher Reeve
Bellocq/1978Keith Carradine
Luke/1979Jon Voight
Jack/1982Nick Nolte
Axel/1984Eddie Murphy
Jack/1984Michael Douglas
Dixie/1984Richard Gere
John/1985Harrison Ford
Role/YearMovieActor that got it
Eddie/1988Bob Hoskins
John/1988Bruce Willis
Butch or Vincent/1994Bruce Willis/John Travolta
Mills/1995Brad Pitt
Det. Kirkpatrick/1995William Baldwin
Mr. Freeze/1997Arnold Schwarzenegger
Castor/1997Nicolas Cage
Louis/1997Robert De Niro
Chuck/2009Mark Ruffalo

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