Holiday Quiz / Hidden Message 3: Star Wars

Random Holiday or Holiday Songs Quiz

Can you guess the missing word(s) to these Christmas carols sung by each Star Wars character and reveal the hidden message?

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Character / SongReplaced Word(s)Hidden Message
Obi-Wan Kenobi / Darth Vader Is Coming To Town
Stormtroopers / Search The Halls
Admiral Ackbar / Jingle Bell Trap
Princess Leia / Merry Christmas Flyboy
Han Solo / Leia It's Cold Outside
Darth Vader / It Came Upon a Death Star
Yoda / The Christmas Jedi
Luke Skywalker / Frosty The Wampa
C-3PO / We Two Droids
Chewbacca / Wookie Christmas
R2-D2 / Carol Of The Beeps
Boba Fett / All I Want For Christmas Is Outta The Sarlacc Pit
Lando / Have Yourself A Millennium Falcon Christmas
Jabba The Hut / Parade of The Carbonite Han(s)
Emperor Palpatine / Rockin' Around The Dark Side

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